This website was created by North Park residents in an effort to safeguard our neighborhoods. We deserve a voice in the development process to ensure that North Park’s growth is healthy, well-planned, and legal. We are determined to keep this community vibrant. We care about North Park!


Current Issue: To get Jack In The Box and the City of San Diego to ABIDE by the municipal code and to RESPECT the community – NO DRIVE THROUGH at the Upas and 30th St location. It’s about upholding the law! Read the Lawsuit HERE.
What’s Next?
After several postponements, our day in court is finally here! At last, our Jack in the Box lawsuit Summary Judgment hearing comes before Judge Prager! We need you there! Cancel appointments, take the morning off work, do whatever it takes to attend this hearing so that we pack the courtroom in a show of unity that justice must prevail.
Email us ( to let us know that you will attend.
More details to follow, but please SAVE THE DATE!
Friday, November 21, 10 a.m.
San Diego Superior Court, Department 71, Judge Prager
330 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
See Location Map HERE.

Articles referenced in the video:

“How Jack in the Box Dodged North Park’s Zoning Laws”
San Diego City Beat, Sept. 11, 2013

“KFC construction draws beefs”
UT San Diego, Sept. 22, 2007
See our media page for more informative articles.

You can help: Donate to the Legal Fund
It is critical that we raise funds to depose several people who can support our claim that the city did not correctly permit the project and, while the 90 days passed, misled the community about correcting it. Contact us at if you would like to make a donation.

Why now?
For decades, the quality of life in San Diego has eroded because community building codes are routinely and brazenly ignored.
Developers and business interests know the drill: Promise the community anything, then do whatever you please, because City Hall won’t enforce the law. City Hall knows the script – here are the lines:

And our favorite:

Since 2000, new zoning at this intersection prohibits auto-intensive businesses such as restaurants with drive-throughs. JIB was DENIED approval to rebuild with a drive-through lane, but did so anyway. The drive-through lane does NOT conform to municipal code.

We demand that the city uphold the law!